Saturday, May 24, 2014


1.       Quasi-SLCA Based Keyword Query Processing over Probabilistic XML Data
2.       Privacy-Preserving Enhanced Collaborative Tagging

3.       Secure Mining of Association Rules in Horizontally Distributed Databases

4.       PSMPA: Patient Self-controllable and Multi-level Privacy-preserving Cooperative Authentication in Distributed m-Healthcare Cloud Computing System
5.       ALBA-R: Load-Balancing Geographic Routing Around Connectivity Holes in Wireless Sensor Networks

6.       Enabling Data Integrity Protection in Regenerating-Coding-Based Cloud Storage: Theory and Implementation

7.       Privacy-Preserving Multi-Keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data

8.       Trajectory Improves Data Delivery in Urban Vehicular Networks

9.       Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem for Scalable Data Sharing in Cloud Storage

10.   Shared Authority Based Privacy-preserving Authentication Protocol in Cloud Computing

12.   Cost-Effective Authentic and Anonymous Data Sharing with Forward Security


13.   A Dynamic Appearance Descriptor Approach to Facial Actions Temporal Modeling


14.   Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks: Filtering out the Attacker's Impact

15.   Uniform Embedding for Efficient JPEG Steganography

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MCA/BCA/Bsc/Diploma Projects


  1. Notepad Editor System 
  2. Speed Cash Maintenance 
  3. Electronic Cash Controller 
  4. Crime Logger 
  5. E-Post Office 
  6. Online Fast Food 
  7. Customer Query Track 
  8. World Recipe 
  9. Mailing Portal 
  10. Defect Tracking System 
  11. Career Path 
  12. E-Pricing 
  13. Client Server Based Live Meeting 
  14. Inventory Chain 
  15. Photo Competition Website with Voting 
  16. Campus Selection System 
  17. Project Scheduler 
  18. Alumni Manager 
  19. Bishop Cotton School 
  20. Examination Branch System 
  21. Cyber Automobile Shop 
  22. Biased Random Walks in Uniform Wireless Networks 
  23. Diamond Web-Hosting 
  24. Vehicle Showroom Management System 
  25. Smart Network Profile Manager 
  26. Bulga Bag Planner 
  27. Visual Learner Memory Game 
  28. Agriculture Assist 
  29. BoobTubeFlourish 
  30. International Street Racing Community Club Management System 
  31. Good Welfare Services 
  32. Enterprise Security Services 
  33. Energy Maps for Mobile Wireless Networks 
  34. Mitigation of Control Channel Jamming 
  35. Exam Experts 
  36. Promotional Portal 
  37. E-Buy 
  38. Student Records System 
  39. Diagnostic Center 
  40. Techno Task Manager 
  41. Reality Shows Organization 
  42. Project Controller 
  43. e-FASHION 
  44. Civil Registry 
  45. News Paper Proclamination Monitoring System 
  46. Flaw Tracking System 
  47. Document Manager 
  48. Information Content-Based Sensor Selection 
  49. Distributed Computing For E-Learning 
  50. Software Project Management 
  51. Movement-Assisted Connectivity Restoration 
  52. Campaign Information System 
  53. E-Gift Shoppe 
  54. Route Stability in MANETs 
  55. Secure and Policy-Compliant Source Routing 
  56. Easy Leave 
  57. Record Tracker 
  58. Blood Donation Agent System 
  59. Project Tracking 
  60. Web Based Profiling System 
  61. ISO Quality Controller 
  62. E-Bidding 
  63. Predicting Missing Items in Shopping Carts 
  64. Multi Banking System 
  65. Online Crime Report 
  66. Fleet Manager 
  67. Cyber JobMela 
  68. SMS Based Student Intimation 
  69. Digital Signature 
  70. Data Grid Management Systems 
  71. Cyber Bidding Gateway 
  72. Drive 2 Destiny 
  73. Zeppelin Reservation 
  74. BPO Solutions 
  75. Unicode OCR System 
  76. Planning of Wireless Sensor Networks 
  77. Fin Corp –Cash Controller 
  78. E2M Conference 
  79. Millennium Planning 
  80. Social Networking With Advertisement 
  81. Web Alerts 
  82. Call Center Executer 
  83. Cell Breathing Technique 
  84. Back to My Village 
  85. Movie World 
  86. Cargo Logistics 
  87. Online Issue Management 
  88. Mobile Advertisement System 
  89. Cyber Hotelier 
  90. Cool Cab Services 
  91. Health Maintenance System 
  92. Random Cast 
  93. Asian Packers and Movers 
  94. SQL-Tuner 
  95. Jobbing Portcullis 
  96. Virtual Class Room 
  97. Mail Client 
  98. Information Portal 
  99. Resource Allocation in OFDMA 
  100. Insurance Broker System 
  101. Learning Made Easy 
  102. Air Force Security Using Thumb Checker
  103. Tax Assessment Services
  104. Kims Health Card
  105. Web Traffic Analyzers
  106. Airline Reservation System
  107. OnLine Crime Report Management System
  108. Budget Analysis
  109. South India Tourism
  110. Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer
  111. Mobile Job Redistribution
  112. Share Transaction Application
  113. Benetton Travel Solutions
  114. Internal Management System
  115. SQL-Tuner
  116. System Observer and organizer in a connected network
  117. greating cards
  118. Employee Resource Management
  119. Online Tender management System
  120. Pharmacy Database Enterprise Manager
  121. MultiBanking
  122. Foray Bpo Solutions
  123. Job Potal
  124. 15 square puzzle
  125. Net Linx – A discussion Forum
  126. Rodas Hotel Management system
  127. Travel Solution Portal
  128. Drug Management Systems
  129. Universal Web Based File Sharing Portal
  130. Petrol Bunk
  132. Share Market
  133. Drive2Destiny
  134. Bishop Cotton School
  135. Software Project Management
  136. insurance envoy
  137. Sales & Customer Tracking System
  138. Electronic Cash Controller
  139. Common Tracker system
  140. Track Machine Management
  141. Insurance Management System
  142. Business Efforts
  143. Cyber Bidding Gateway
  144. Customer support service operation
  145. Sudoku Abstract
  146. Asian Packers and Movers(p)LTD
  147. Satellite Information System
  148. Web Based Crime Analysis Portal
  149. Exclusive Motoring
  150. Customer Relationship Management
  151. Mobile SMS
  152. Municipal Administration System
  153. Customer Support Services Systems
  154. Web Based Purchase Requisitions
  155. Efashion
  156. Shopping Cart
  157. Client Server Administration
  158. Virtual college management system using biometric
  159. Property Search Portal
  160. Mailing Portal
  161. NGO Activity Portal
  162. Enterprise Security Services
  163. Clinical Information Portal
  164. Online Referral and OPD Booking from the Accrate Cancer Classification Portal
  165. Order processing System
  166. Library management System
  167. VSeva – Realty Website
  168. Abhyasa – A scholastic IT Solution
  169. E-banking – easy to transfer
  170. Janata Sahakari Bank
  171. Online Property Promotion Partner Portal
  172. Health Care Application
  173. John Street Pub & Gill
  174. e-Cramming – Learning Made Simple
  176. Alabama Advertising Agencies Ltd
  177. Multi Level Marketing
  178. Movie Ticket Reservation Portal
  179. Computer Resource Management System
  180. Online Shopping Cart
  181. Check Out My Trip
  182. Bug Tracker
  183. Resource planner
  184. Cool Cab services
  185. Intelligent Transportation Portal
  186. Billing Software with Customer relationship management
  187. Online Job Board
  188. Defect Analytics
  189. Abyasa – College Management System
  190. Project created using MVC design pattern
  191. Creating web application that uses customizable web parts
  192. Finding ball game
  193. Migration exchange server document to SharePoint
  194. SMS application (send SMS from app to mobile)
  195. Online mobile shop
  196. Window application in 3 tier architecture
  197. ATM card processing
  198. SMS pack
  199. Navigation controls
  200. Project for showing twitter quotes
  201. 3 tier architecture in
  202. List View project
  203. Web browser
  204. A pretty digital clock
  205. Salary project
  206. Online examination with appropriate countdown and generation report
  207. Creating an autosuggest textbox
  208. Blaster master
  209. Ip resolver
  210. Patient information system (PIS)
  211. Online examination system
  212. Software tracker
  213. The project explains how we can create captcha in easy way.
  214. Employee management system with sqlite as a backend
  215. Notepad application
  216. File compressor
  217. Sample application for learning form authentication
  218. Simple admission form
  219. E-fund management
  220. Complete project on “mp3 player”
  221. Online web application for sending SMS
  222. Children educational games applications
  223. Fee collection system
  224. Banking project
  225. Learn how to mail through web application
  226. Book rental system ( windows application)
  227. Currency conversion
  228. Count with time
  229. Webcam-video capture – – windows application
  230. Simple ui to interact with database
  231. Simple web browser
  232. Applying a skin id
  233. Book store project
  234. Student tracking system
  235. Analog clock in
  236. Learn how to get the entire hardware information
  237. Web browser develop in
  238. Access the skype functionalities in .net

Friday, May 2, 2014

Android Course

 ANDROID COURSE                          Duration: 60 Hours

Introduction to Android                                    

v  What is Android?
v  Setting up development environment
v  Dalvik Virtual Machine & .apk file extension
v  Fundamentals : 
·         Basic Building blocks – Activities, Services, Broadcast Receivers & Content providers
·          UI Components- Views & notifications
·         Components for communication -Intents & Intent Filters
v  Android API levels(versions & version names)
Application Structure

v  AndroidManifest.xml
·         uses-permission & uses-sdk
·         Activity/services/receiver declarations
v  Resources &
v  Assets
v  Values – strings.xml
v  Layouts & Drawable Resources
v  Activities and Activity lifecycle
v  First sample Application
v Deploying sample application on a real device

Emulator-Android Virtual Device
v  Launching emulator
v  Editing emulator settings
v  Emulator shortcuts
v  Logcat usage
v  Introduction to DDMS
v  File explorer
v  Second App :- (switching between activities)
·         Develop an app for demonstrating the communication between Intents

v  Explicit Intents
v  Implicit intents
UI Design
v  Text Fields
v  Layouts
·         Relative Layout, Table Layout, Frame Layout, Linear Layout
v  Nested layouts
v  Time and Date
v  Images and media
v  Composite
v  Alert Dialogs & Toast
v  Popup

Styles & Themes
v  styles.xml file
v  colors.xml file- declaring colors and drawables
v  Drawable resources for shapes, gradients(selectors)
·         Shapes drawables
·         State drawables
·         Transition drawables
v  Style attribute in layout file
v  Applying themes via code and manifest file
SQLite Programming
v  SQLiteOpenHelper
v  SQLiteDatabase
v  Cursor
v  Content providers
v  Web URLs, Email address, text, map address, phone numbers
v  Match Filter & Transform Filter
v  Examples
Adapters and Widgets
v  Adapters
v  Example - Efficient Adapter
v  ListView and ListActivity
v  Custom listview
v  GridView using adapters
v  Gallery using adapters

v  Broadcast Receivers
v  Services and notifications
v  Toast
v  Alarms
Custom Components
v  Custom Toast
v  Custom dialogs
v  Custom Tabs
v  Custom animated popup panels
v  Live Folders
v  Using sdcards – Reading and writing
v  XML Parsing
v  JSON Parsing
v  Maps via intent and MapActivity
v  GPS, Location based Services
v  Accessing Phone services(Call, SMS, MMS)
v  Sensors
v  Using Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
v  Action bar tabs and custom views on Action bars
v  Fragments